Where it all began…

Clara Fergus BSc & MSc (in progress)

My journey to becoming a dietitian kickstarted in the midst of my first year at University. I’d always had a love for food & talking about food, but I had never really realised what being a dietitian entailed. 

Through my heavy involvement in Surf Life Saving from a young age, I had developed a strong interest in the medical field. This interest was intensified by my love for medical drama television & the satisfaction I get from helping others in need. So naturally, combining medicine & food, a job as a dietitian seemed the perfect fit. Ultimately food is a form of medicine as diet plays an essential role in determining good nutrition & optimal health. 

Fast-forward three years later, I have now completed a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Majoring in Human Nutrition at the University of Otago and am well on the way to qualifying as a New Zealand Registered Dietitian.

Why did you choose to study nutrition?

A career as a dietitian appealed to me as on-going research is always being conducted. Nutrition is a fluid field of science & study is on-going in order to keep up. Furthermore, nutrition is a very topical field in this day and age as society appears more conscious of what they’re eating. 
It’s important for me to have diversity in my job and as a dietitian, this will come by working alongside a range of people from different age, ethnic and socio-economic groups. As a self-supported student, I’ve come to understand that healthy food isn’t always accessible and affordable. Consumption of daily fruit, vegetable & wholesome nutritious food comes at an added expense. I would love to help people overcome this obstacle of food costs by working alongside clients to generate practical and effective tips and tricks.

The more I learn about nutrition, the more I realise there is to learn. By sharing insights along my journey, I hope to increase my own understanding of the complex food world and offer a tool for readers to form their own educated opinions on the food they eat.

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